April 29, 2017

Now Gnorm has made his way over the border for some R&R with Moma Bear and Joker. Mexico was a blast, but Moma Bear just couldn't keep up with Gnorms "Let's Get the Party Started" agenda

April 22,2017

 Gnorm made the trip to Red Deer ALberta and was officially patched in the the Edmonton and Red Deer Chapters. everyone signed Gnorms flag and journal. Thanks to Moma Bear and Joker for making the trip with Gnorm. He doesn't want to miss his next journey coming up, and Moma Bear is making sure Gnorm stays in line.

March 19,2017.

 Gnorm met the entire GOC Winnipeg Chapter and joined in on their general meeting, where they all signed the flag, and updated Gnorm's passport. Lots of tears were shed as everyone said goodbye to Gnorm. Of course Gnorm will be back in June as he makes his way back to Winnipeg from Vancouver.

April 19, 2017

 Gnorm made it to Vancouver, and he has had a busy few days. Gnorm got to meet our friends at Trev Deeley HD in Vancouver, he helped decorate the Blue Ribbon Tree, and then dipped his feet in the Pacific Ocean. Gnorm will soon  start his journey East after spending some time over the border in Washington with our Brothers and Sisters in the USA.

March. 14th, 2017

Gnorm is all set to start his Journey. He is all packed. He has the Canadian flag, and he has his passport. He will be at the World of Wheels on March 24,25,26 in Winnipeg, and then it's off to Vancouver.

GNorm the not so GNormal GNome

GNorms Journey Starts

GNorm's journey started on February 17th in Winnipeg, Manitoba. GNorm will be visiting "Lil" Guardians all over Winnipeg. He is becoming quiet the celebrity. GNorm will be looking for people to sign the Canadian Flag before he takes the flag, and dipps his feet in the Pacific Ocean to officially start his road trip. Taking lots of pictures along the way, and creating memories that can be shared with everyone.


 Meet Gnorm at the Winnipeg BUD & SPUD on March 4th at the Palamino Club.  Tickets are available at the door.

 GNorm will also be at the World of Wheels Cyclerama @ the RBC Convention centre on March 24th to the 26th.

Meet Gnorm and sign the flag.

Feb. 17th, 2017

Gnorm hung out with this Cool Cat "ELLA", and then met up with 2 more Gnome Buddies "Shovel" and "Pan"  Gnorm loves being in Winnipeg, and can't wait to go to the Bud and Spud


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