Educators are encouraged to allow Guardians of the Children into the school environment to help with promoting Anti-Bullying awareness. By using our "Lil" Guardians within the schools,can be instrumental among their peers to help end Bullying at school and at home.


Sponsors & Supporters

Volunteers to Guardians of the Children, are Bikers dedicated to protecting the victims of child abuse. Our alliances as bikers allows us to call upon resources that might not generally be available to the public at large. All volunteers to this cause must obtain a Criminal Records check before they can be a part of this organization, and they must own or have access to a motorcyle.


Sponsors and Supporters are also an important part of helping promote child abuse awareness.  Financial Support is critical to getting the message out, and carrying out the mission to end child abuse. Local businesses can get involved by providing cash donations, or gifts in kind.

Supporters are also needed to provide their free time and talents in many ways. Although Supporters do not need to own a motorcycle, they are still required to obtain a Criminal Records check, and vulnerable records clearance


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