The Guardians of the Children get involved within the community to help create awareness 

"LIL" Guardians Program

The "LiL" Guardians Program is made up of children under the age of 18 and can be both kids of Chapter members and kids adopted by the Chapter.Lil Guardians demands, VALOUR, HONESTY, and INTEGRITY  at all times and the mission is to recognize and react to abuse and bullying.

 The Lil Guardians is overseen by the GOC Officers of the Chapter in the same area. The Lil Guardians holds bi-monthly meetings, with no less than 5 meetings in a calendar year. There is always no less than two Sponsorong Chapter Officers at all Lil Guardians Meetings.


 The mission of the "Lil" Guardians Program is to assist the Sponsoring Chapter in Anti-Bullying awareness, child abuse and violence awareness in the public arena and schools as needed.

 Lil Guardians assist the Sponsoring Chapter by helping with handing out fliers at age appropriate events,

Promote Child Abuse Awareness

The Guardians of the Children works with families who are in need of support and protection from abuse.

Child Protection

The Guardians of the Children attend a variety of public events to create awareness of Child abuse in the community


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